Alcohol is a fertility foe   


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Our lifestyle choices play a major role when it comes to infertility. Things that are good for your overall health regular exercise, staying hydrated, eating balanced meals, and cutting down on smoking are also good for fertility. But the most frequently asked question pertains to alcohol. I’ll break it down for you here. 

Heavy drinking is a no-no
If you are planning to conceive, the biggest lifestyle change you need to bring about is bidding adieu to heavy drinking. Evidence shows that too much alcohol consumption can affect a couple’s fertility both in the short and long term.

Erratic  drinking patterns can cause changes in ovulation. Some studies also suggest that it can lead to low egg quantity. It can also disrupt the functioning of male hormones, thus impacting sperm health. But for some couples, getting pregnant can take a long time, which is why it’s alright to have a drink now and then. 

Moderate drinking is alright but best avoided 
The good news is that moderate drinking won’t cause any trouble, but if you are above the age of 35, it’s best avoided. The common misconception is that if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you don’t have to bother about alcohol. That is far from the truth. Additionally, if you are getting fertility treatments like IUI or IVF, you shouldn’t have more than a drink per week.

Studies show that having more than four drinks a week lowers your chances of conception. Also, what many people don’t take into account is that even moderate drinking can be dangerous when you don’t know you’re pregnant yet, ie. the first four-five week. 

The author is Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Delhi

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