Crores may suffer from long-term effects post COVID: AIG Hospitals chairman Dr Nageshwar Reddy

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Post-COVID issues are likely to affect one crore to 10 crore Indians, said AIG Hospitals chairman Dr Nageshwar Reddy on Monday. He was speaking at the launch of AIG’s dedicated post- COVID care clinic, which houses a team of multidisciplinary doctors to assist patients who had recovered from Covid but continue to suffer from various ailments.

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“Official figures suggest that nearly 4-5 crore Indians contracted COVID-19, but the actual figures may be about 20-30 crore. We have recently conducted an online survey and it estimates that nearly 40 per cent of individuals recovering from COVID-19 have post-COVID symptoms,” said Dr Nageshwar.

The team of doctors at the clinic comprises experts from Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Cardiac and Psychiatry disciplines. “We have had recovered patients complaining of lethargy and body pains. Though their COVID symptoms were mild, they have imbalances in sugar levels or thyroid levels. Some even lack nutrients in their body, which can be resolved with a supplement. But the core issue here is the diagnosis,” added Dr Nageshwar.  

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