Khloe Kardashian Swears By This Drink In The Morning For Weight Loss

Khloe Kardashian recently took to Instagram to upload several videos and images of her working out and staying hydrated. If you follow Khloe on her social media, you might already know that she is big on fitness and health. She posted a photo of her water bottle with the caption “Workout done. Hydration in motion” and we could not agree more. She seems to be drinking lemon water which is quite the rage nowadays and with good reason. See her Instagram story here:

Benefits of lemon water:

Starting your day off with lemon water, by which we mean lemon slices in the water rather than just plain old lemon juice, maybe a lot more beneficial than you think. While it is no secret that you are supposed to hydrate yourself by drinking at least two to three litres of water every day. For the ones who find plain water quite boring and bland, lemon water is their solution as it enhances the taste of water and makes it – not so bland!


While lemon is not at the top of citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C, they are still an excellent source of the same. Vitamin C is a primary antioxidant that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood pressure. Lemon water has the least calories and sugar out of all citrus beverages you can consume to boost your Vitamin C.

Ditching coffee or tea first thing in the morning for some lemon water helps in detoxing your body and maintains good digestive health. Lemon’s anti-inflammatory properties aids in preventing sore throats and common cold.

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In order to shed some extra kilos, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Burning calories is directly related to your metabolism and that is where lemon water comes in. Lemon water boosts your metabolism, and a faster metabolism burns up more calories while performing the usual bodily functions.

Lemon water is also an excellent booster for your skin. It is quite a popular remedy for skin issues such as acne, wrinkles and dark spots. Many people even use Vitamin C to get a clearer complexion.

Consuming an adequate number of nutritious fruits and vegetables will any day have a healthier effect on your body rather than solely focusing on lemon water. That being said, it still does not take away from the fact that lemon water is a much more refreshing and healthier alternative to many sugary beverages that you find in the market.

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