Post-COVID issues linked to steroid use: AIG Hospitals

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HYDERABAD: Could  the unregulated use of steroids be a reason for post-COVID complications? An online survey conducted by AIG Hospitals appears to indicate so. Nearly 2,000 respondents from India were surveyed by the hospital and 41 per cent of them complained of persisting or new symptoms after COVID-19 recovery.

The study goes on to find out who’s more likely to suffer from post-COVID symptoms – patients who were hospitalised or those under home isolation. Among the patients with post-COVID ailments, 48 per cent were hospitalised and 37.6 per cent were not, implying that those under hospital care were more likely to suffer from complications post recovery.

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The survey further pointed out that among the total number of patients who were hospitalised (38 per cent of the respondents), a staggering 74 per cent said that they were put on steroids for quicker recovery; 53 per cent of these respondents confirmed that they had post-COVID symptoms.

In comparison, only 36.41 per cent of the hospitalised respondents, who were not administered steroids, had post-Covid symptoms, suggesting that it increased the chances of complications.

“We believe there is a correlation between irrational use of steroids and post-COVID ailments. As per guidelines, we are supposed to give steroids to patients only if they are on oxygen support. The survey found that 74 per cent of the hospitalised patients were given steroids but only 34 per cent of them needed oxygen,” said Dr Nageshwar Reddy, AIG chairman.

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Types and duration

The survey also gave an insight into the duration and types of post-COVID symptoms. While 48 per cent faced symptoms for 1-3 months, the most common symptom was weakness

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