This Pizzeria Had A Funny Warning Note Concerning Their Kitchen Staff 


Let’s admit it, the moment you see notice hung up on the counter of your favourite restaurant- your mind wanders off thinking about the worst outcomes possible. You worry if everything is okay, if there are any hygiene issues, will your order take longer than usual, or are they out of your favourite snacks. Seldom are we warned about a peculiar habit of the kitchen staff. Come to think about it, we rarely get to see the kitchen staff, let alone be introduced to their quirks. A picture of a pizzeria is going viral on the internet, not so much for their pizzas but for their unique warning notice. 

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‘Warning There are real Italians working in this kitchen At anytime you may observe yelling, screaming, kicking, biting or various other normal activities associated with Italian cooking So sit back and Enjoy’, read the notice.

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While some people in the comments section were amazed by the sense of humour of the pizzeria owners, some appeared rather miffed by the stereotypical tone of the notice. 
“Yelling at the drop of a hat? Not really, it’s more a product of New York than anything in my experience.
Very strong opinions on what’s right or wrong when it comes to food is definitely a common trait though”, read a strong opinion. 

“That’s just normal talk. When I was young, my Nonna had her sister over from Boston and they were constantly yelling and bickering and I asked my mom “why do they fight so much?”, and she told me “oh that’s just how they talk to each other, you’ll understand when you’re older.” She was correct, hahaha, wrote another user who was able to relate to the post.

“I grew up across the street from a first generation Italian family. It wasn’t at all unusual to hear them shouting and cursing each other or to see one of them chasing another with a rake but they were also were some of the most passionate people I’ve ever known too. They loved each other and their neighbors fiercely and man oh man could they ever cook!”, wrote another.

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