This Protein-Loaded Egg Potato Pakoda Recipe Is Excellent For Evening Snacks Menu


There’s nothing more satiable than some crispy fried pakodas to go with our cup of tea on a pleasant evening. There’s always a pakoda for every mood and every palate. From vegetarian onion and potato pakoda to meaty chicken pakoda, you can make a delightful fritter of almost any food of your choice. If you love all kinds of pakodas, then we are sure you would have already tried all the varieties there are. Next time you crave some desi fried snack, try this new, unique egg potato pakoda (or egg aloo pakoda).

This fusion pakoda melds the goodness of potato and egg together in a terrific combination, which will surprise you and impress you at the same time. Have you ever tried the south Indian-special egg bonda? This egg potato pakoda is somewhat similar to egg bonda, but with our favourite potatoes’ added flavour and texture! Believe us, you cannot go wrong with this amazing pakoda recipe. It is perfect to enjoy a family get-together over a plate of these pakodas. In fact, you can also use this recipe to impress your guests coming over for an evening soiree.

Don’t think that extra ingredients in the recipe will make it any more difficult or time-consuming than any regular pakoda recipe. Try it and you’ll see how quick and easy it is to make this yummy egg potato pakoda.

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Protein-Rich Egg Potato Pakoda Snack Recipe:

Click here for the complete recipe of egg potato pakoda.

Make your evening tea-time more exciting with this amazing fried snack recipe.

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