This Street-Style Chicken Keema Samosa Recipe Screams Indulgence – Try It Today

If you explore the realm of Indian street food, you will be spoilt for choices. From spicy chaat to crispy pakoda and healthy chana jor garam – options are many. In fact, every region in India has its unique range of street foods that define the food habit of the locals. However, there are few that remain our all-time favourite – samosa being one of the firsts in the list. A popular street food across India, samosa defines indulgence for all. Spicy aloo stuffing filled in a crispy coating – samosa wins hearts at any given point. From dhabas to fancy restaurants – you will find samosa and samosa lovers at every nook and corner of the country. That’s not all. If you explore, you will also find multiple versions of this classic recipe that leave a strong impression on our minds and palate.

One such popular version of samosa is keema samosa. You can use both chicken and mutton keema to prepare the dish. Traditionally called Patti samosa, this dish has its roots in a Parsi kitchen. Visit any Irani café, you will find keema samosa being one of the most popular ones on the menu. Besides, keema samosa also makes a popular dish in the Bohri food culture. However, today the popularity of this dish goes beyond the region and food culture. So much so that it is found in almost every city across India.

Considering the popularity, here we bring an easy keema samosa recipe that you can make at home in just an hour. You can serve it as a delicious starter at any party or pair it with a hot cup of chai while enjoying the rain.

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How To Make Chicken Keema Samosa | Chicken Keema Samosa Recipe:

For making keema samosa, you need to first prepare a stuffing with keema (chicken or mutton), onion and spices. Then make knead the dough for the outer layer. Cut small balls from the dough, roll it flat, fill it with keema stuffing and give the desired shape.

Finally, deep fry the samosas until they turn golden brown in colour. Click here for the detailed recipe.

There, we saw you slurping? So, get hold of all the necessary ingredients and make yourself a batch of yummy keema samosas to pair with your evening chai.

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