What is ‘R’ factor of COVID-19? All you need to know

The Central Government, in its recent communications with the State Governments, has been pointing out an increase in the R factor of Corona in India and has urged the states to practice caution.

Ajay Bhalla, the Union Home Secretary on July 14, 2021, wrote to all the State governments and UTs saying that an increase in the R factor in some states is a matter of concern.

The letter stated that an increase in the R factor above 1.0 is an indicator of the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, it has become important that the authorities concerned must be made responsible for ensuring the Covid appropriate behavior in all the crowded places.

What is an ‘R’ Factor?

R Factor of COVID-19 refers to the reproduction rate which denotes the number of people getting infected by one infected person.

The Health Ministry explained that if the value of the R factor is above 1, it means that one infected person is able to spread the infection to more than one person which establishes that the infection is spreading.

What is the present R factor of Covid in India?

Reportedly, the Northeast states and Kerala have an increased R Factor, which is why the decline in positive COVID-19 cases has become slow in these regions.

The Institute of Mathematical Science in Chennai has come up with a study on this R factor of COVID-19 and has found that Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, and Kerala are on an increase in this factor.

In mid-May 2021, the R factor in India was 0.78, while in June end it was 0.88.

What was the R factor of COVID-19 in India during peak of second wave?

As per the findings by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, between March 9 and April 21, the R-Value was 1.37.

Between April 24 and May 1, the value was 1.18. From April 29 to May 7, the R Factor was 1.10. Since then, the R factor value in India has been decreasing.

How to keep R-value and spread of the virus under check?

Lockdown and lockdown-like restrictions in the country can keep the R-Value under check. If people are not able to go out, an infected person will not be able to spread the infection.

Hence, the R-Value was low in May 2021, even though, the 2nd wave was raging at that time. Many of the states were under strict lockdown to keep the increasing positive cases under control.

R-value in various states:

As per the Institute of Mathematical Science in Chennai, the R-Value in the following states are:













Arunachal Pradesh







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