Working out is a must for those suffering from chronic kidney diseases

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD:  Simple exercises can help improve the health of patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases (CKD). Many are not as physically active and have reduced their physical functioning compared to others. However, research suggests that exercise interventions have the potential to boost several health parameters and outcomes in them. 

Due to constant fatigue and muscle weakness, CKD patients have low levels of physical activity. The decrease in physical volume in this patient cohort is notable as it is associated with deconditioning and muscle wasting, deteriorating kidney function and an increased risk of comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, thus reducing the quality of life, frequent hospitalisations and mortality.

It is a common notion that vigorous physical activity is harmful to CKD patients, but it’s partially because of this belief that these patients show a scarcity of participation in exercise activities. However, they must follow a workout regimen that’s designed to intensify the advantages and minimise the risks. Research conducted over the last few decades has shown countless health benefits of regular exercise in patients with CKD. Some of the key benefits include increased physical fitness and muscle strength. 

Styles of exercise training 

  • Aerobics like walking, swimming or cycling
  • Strength training 
  • Resistance training 
  • Flexibility training

(Dr Suresh Shankar, nephrologist, NephroPlus)

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